My summer reading list


How about a non-COVID post? I promised I would share my summer reading list a few weeksish ago. Uhm, it’s still kindof summer, right? Ok, maybe not. But I still wanted to share these books with you fellow book people. And, it’s nice to have a non-COVID post and non-COVID work sometimes, am’I right? #fistpump #coolmom

I read 26 books June-August and I’ve attempted to categorize them like a good librarian. (My dad was a librarian - so I’ve always wanted a real card catalog. If any of you are getting rid of one or know a school trying to get rid of one, I’m your gal!)

Ok, here we go.

Top 4 favs!

-The Education of an Idealist by Samantha Powers

-Walking with the Wind by John Lewis

-A Burning in my Bones by Winn Collier

-Growing Slow by Jennifer Dukes Lee

I could easily write a full post on each of these books on why I lurv them. Samantha is a boss-lady (and, the current USAID Director and former UN ambassador). Her book was an incredibly honest account of working in global settings as an idealist and trying not to lose the idealism along the way - while also being a mom and a wife. It’s so good, friends - especially for those of you boss-ladies or those who want to be. =) John Lewis’ book was really challenging to read in July with so much political upheaval happening. There were several sections that were eerily similar to what happened near the election and January 6th. Ugh. Highly recommend, especially if you’re an evangelical. The other two books were more on faith. Winn actually commented on one of my FB posts when people saw his book in one of my pictures (so cool! Hi Winn! Big fan here). It’s such a great read about Eugene Peterson’s life, faith, and doubt. I would definitely recommend this if you’re a person of Christian faith and need some encouragement. Lastly, Growing Slow is counter-cultural in her approach of slooowwwwiiinnnggg down. I needed that after the break-neck speed of 2020. If you’re looking for some encouragement for a hurried/worried soul, this is it (along with Winn’s book).

Boss-lady books

I wasn’t sure what to call this category. I’m sure boss-lady is somewhere in the card catalog index system, right? Well, it should be. These are all really good for you ladies out there and people that love them. =) If any of you are in academia, Yale Needs Women is eye-opening and fist-bump to us all.

Fiction books

I kept hearing about these books from Kristen Hannah. I didn’t like these books too much - until the end. Then they hit me like a ton of bricks with themes of motherhood, friendship, and hope. So, hang in there if you read these.

And, this is a great read about the building of the Biltmore Estate. It’s a nice read to get lost in. The author also wrote The Girls of Atomic City which I also read and included in the boss-lady section above.


I’ve mentioned two of these books already and would recommend the others. If you’re a momma, Liturgy for the Ordinary, is so good. Do you see a theme in the others? Slowing down, remembering, taking on the gentle and lowly nature of Jesus, identifying with those that suffer (even if that’s you), and re-imagining faith through the Garden City. These are really good for 2021 people of Christian faith that are trying to find their footing again. Highly recommend them all! If you’ve felt like you’ve lost your way a bit, these will help us remember God’s mercy, grace, love, and with-ness.

Social justice and global health

And, lastly here are the 5 books I read on social justice and/or global health. Again, I would recommend them all!

Happy reading, friends! Any recommendations for me? I’ll share my September/October list at the end of October and am always looking for more to include.