Vaccines, children, and staying safe at school

Our gal-pal, Your Local Epidemiologist, is part of a Q&A today on ‘Navigating the Pandemic with Kids’. She will be joined by Dr. Emily Oster and Christina Farr from CNBC will be moderating. This should be a really interesting discussion from a population perspective (YLE) and an individual perspective (Dr. Oster). (As a disclaimer, you all know YLE is one of my fav gal-pals! I do not know Dr. Oster personally but have followed her work [sometimes very controversial] during this pandemic. I won’t share my own thoughts on Dr. Oster’s work here. But, I did want to let you all know that I’ll be tuning in to hear the discussion today. We all know the issue of schools, COVID, masking, and pediatric vaccines are a hot topic right now and the data is moving quick! So, today’s discussion should be a great tool for those of us trying to navigate schools and keeping our kiddos safe during this pandemic.)

You’ll need to register (it’s free) in the link here. If you miss today’s live webinar, it will be posted on Substack’s Youtube channel after. I’ve included more information on what the event will cover below.


Health and parenting experts analyze the latest reliable data to address the most pressing topics about vaccines for kids, back to school safety, and risk trade-offs 

Faced with information overload and conflicting information, parents can feel overwhelmed trying to interpret the real data about how to keep kids safe during the pandemic and how to assess the trade-offs involved.

Leading health and parenting experts Emily Oster (publisher of ParentData and bestselling author of Expecting Better and Cribsheet), Katelyn Jetelina (publisher of Your Local Epidemiologist and Assistant Professor of Epidemiology at the University of Texas Health Science Center) and moderator Christina Farr (publisher of Second Opinion, health-tech lead for OMERS Ventures, and former health reporter for CNBC) will give a briefing on the latest data about kids and COVID and answer live questions. 

By analyzing the latest reliable data about kids and COVID, the speakers will help parents separate signal from noise so they can feel more confident in making decisions to help keep their children safe.