I appreciate your information. I am not anti vaxx or political. I am vaccinated and trust doctors, but I do not love big pharma. I feel like I’m pretty educated and reasonable. ( I also feel like i have to add these disclaimers before all comments, these days to show I’m not a troll or an extremist)

Do we actually have any data that shows these possible adverse reactions are happening to doctor prescribed ivermectin treatments? Doctors are prescribing this regularly, and anecdotally, it is showing to improve symptoms drastically within 24 hours it seems from those I’ve spoken to who have had it. I understand this could be merely coincidental but to have drastic improvements only a day later after having such a difficult time breathing for days, seems a little questionable for it to be only related to spontaneous improvement. I understand that the dosage needed to help with covid may be considered a “toxic” dose, but are we worried that this dosage would be more damaging than symptoms and side effects of serious covid infection? I completely agree and understand with the recommendation to not use animal ivermectin or to use ivermectin as a preventative over a period of time; however, I have a very hard time with the enormous push back on doctor prescribed ivermectin. Mainly because it IS a prescribable drug for certain parasitic infections/infestations, so it is in fact a “human” drug as well. Yes prescribing for covid is off-label and not well researched at this point, but can we stop talking about “off-label” use as something ridiculous like it’s never been a thing before… because tons of drugs are used “off-label” and approved to do so. The problem I see with ivermectin is that it is not yet approved for this off-label use, and that’s it. Is that enough to say that it should absolutely never be used for covid, full stop? I’m not sure I am in that camp?

It IS a human drug, it IS showing anecdotal evidence of improvements in covid cases, so what do we have to lose in prescribing this when we haven’t found a medication regime that is actually approved or actually works? This takes me back to the original question I asked, is there any evidence that it is causing these harmful side effects, in doctor prescribed dosages, not non-prescribed animal dosages. I’d also like to point out that it is currently worming time for livestock, so yes, ivermectin is flying off the shelves in feed stores, but that is actually typical for this time of year… so that particular data may not be relevant at this time, until worming season is over.

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Thank you for the work you do to get timely information to your readers!

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